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The Carroll County Economic Development Office stands ready to be your partner in locating your business or industry in the heart of the Utica shale play. Our office is your advocate in seeking quality affordable building sites, securing a customized package of incentives, moving through the local and state permitting process, recruiting a highly competent and motivated workforce, ensuring necessary specialized workforce training, and getting you off on the right foot. We call Carroll County home, we want your business to call it home also.


Regional Population


Regional Workforce


GPD Excess Potable Water Capacity


Abundant Excess Electrical Capacity
Natural Gas
Extremely Advantageous Natural Gas Pricing


Competitive Property Costs
Carroll County Ohio USA
Within 500 Miles of Most Major US Markets


Rail Shipping in County
River Shipping within 50 Miles

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  • Site Selector
  • Investor or Partner
  • Entrepreneur &
    Small Business
  • Real Estate

Site Selector

Site Selector

Perfect Location for your Business

Carroll County is perfect for your business. In this one-stop shop, we will assist your business with incentives, site selection, building applications, and your liaison to local government offices. Our workforce makes it easy and quick to find reliable, well-trained employees right in your backyard. With this close-knit community you will be welcomed with open arms and treated like family.

Investor / Partner

Get Involved

Take the next step in your career and get involved! The industries Carroll County has to offer are reliable, growing, profitable, and well-established.

Investor Partner

Business-Friendly Climate

You will find that Carroll County is focused on helping companies reach their growth and expansion goals with ease. Our objective is to assist businesses in any way to make the process as smooth as possible.

Small Business Owner

The Support You Need

Our Economic Development office will help set the foundation to help grow your business by connecting you with an environment to network and expand, provide low-cost marketing and training opportunities, promote your business through our website, and assist you in any other way to help your business prosper.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Real Estate Developer

Land for Development

Carroll County has been blessed with land-sites perfect for development in a variety of ways. The Economic Development office works closely with successful realtors and has great knowledge of land opportunities to suit your business.

Real Estate Developers

Low Taxes

Carroll County has the lowest property taxes in the surrounding area. If that isn’t enough of an enticement, Carroll County also has a variety of tax incentives to fit your business.

Do Business In Carroll County

Industrial Parks & Sites

There are a variety of resources available online to serve your individual needs.

Workforce & Demographics

Carroll County's workforce is diversified and available to meet your requirements.

Affordability & Incentives

Carroll County Economic Development will work with you on an individualized basis to secure all applicable Federal, State and Local incentives.

Start A Business

Carroll County Economic Development partners with the Small Business Development Center at Kent State University to provide a wide range of services to entrepreneurs.

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