Workforce & Demographics

Carroll County, Ohio - Workforce & Demographics Facts

Carroll County's Workforce Is:

  • Skilled and Educated:
    • A labor force of over 13,600 having an 85% attainment of a high school diploma or higher.
  • Regional Workforce: 253,400
    • An average 78% attainment of a high school diploma or higher.
  • Grants and Programs:
    • Available through Carroll County subsidiary of “Ohio Means Jobs”.
  • Educational Institutions:
    • From secondary school through degree granting post-secondary who are ready and willing to institute employer specific training programs.
  • Co-op Programs:
    • In the high schools that “grow the talent of tomorrow”.
  • Characteristics:
    • Include skilled, strong work ethic, and educated combined with typically lower wage expectations than neighboring areas.

Carroll County, Ohio - Demographics

Carroll County's Population Is:

  • 28,187
  • Stable:
    • 89.5% of residents occupy the same residence as the year before.
  • Working Age:
    • 60.2% fall into the 18-64 age demographic.
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