Key Industries

    Key Industries


    According to the Soil Survey of Carroll County Ohio which was issued in 1983 the following acreages for land use are recorded. Carroll County (not including all the lakes) contains 249,856 acres. 255,360 acres if the lakes are included.

    • 50,100 acres of cropland
    • 28,978 acres of pastureland
    • 113,800 acres of woodland
    • 56,978 acres of other land – urban & rural housing, roads, etc.

    52% of the county is listed as farms.

    Agricultural Stats for Carroll County

    In the 2012 Census there were 733 farms in Carroll County with 106,256 acres total.

    2014 – 9,800 acres of corn
    2014 – 8,100 acres of Soybeans
    2014 – 700 acres of Wheat
    2013 – 17,100 Head of Beef Cattle
    2013 – 3,600 Head of Dairy Cows
    2012 – 1,800 Head of Sheep
    2012 – 83 colonies of Honey Bees with 3,448 pounds of Honey collected
    2012 – 445 Acres in Christmas Trees
    2012 – of the 733 farms, 363 of them have women operators!
    2012 – 20 farms are Orchards with a total of 115 acres

    Carroll County has a total area of 249,856 acres or 390 square miles. About 52% of the county is farmed. About three-fourths of the nonfarm acreage is woodland. In 1840 the population was 18,180 and in 2014 it was 28,187. About 78% of the population is rural.

    Majority of the water in the county runs into the Muskingum River Basin but a small part of the eastern half of the county goes into the Ohio River. Carroll County is home to Atwood Lake and Leesville which are in the Muskingum Watershed and Lake Mohawk which is in the Tuscarawas River Watershed.

    The first known settlers within the county arrived around 1802. As settlements grew along Sandy and Conotton Creeks, the county was established in 1832.


    Manufacturing employs the most in the county except government employees; manufacturing is very important to economic growth and development; Carroll County is fortunate to have adequate locations for this industry to continuously grow and push economic development forward.

    Oil & Gas

    The Oil & Gas boom in Carroll County has been extraordinary. 2013 sales tax revenues increased by 70% versus 2011 ($3.2 million vs. $1.9 million dollars). Two new hotels have been constructed in the county. With 1,166 producing wells, natural gas can be purchased at extremely favorable prices. Drilling companies have spent $40 million dollars upgrading township and county roads.