Community leaders in Carroll County understand the critical role that education plays in advancing our regional economy. Carroll County is committed to providing the best educational opportunities possible from pre-kindergarten through high school and beyond. A major focus of every school is to ensure that all students learn to use their minds and talents well so that they may be prepared for responsibilities of citizenship, lifelong learning, and productive employment in the global economy. Students leave Carroll County high schools with a common framework of values that instill in them a developing appreciation and understanding of their work responsibilities.

Conotton Valley School District

Conotton Valley begins another school year geared toward providing students with opportunities that will guide them to a successful future. Exciting news: the construction of the new elementary building addition to the current high school will be completed by the beginning of the 2016-17 school year! You can read more about the construction project and keep up to date with the latest by visiting our website at The "CV Future" link is where this information can be found.

Next, the district's staff will be taking on new initiatives this year. They will be participating in several professional development opportunities throughout the 2015-16 school year that will involve the district provided Chromebook laptops. Each student will be using a Chromebook this year and we feel this will give our educators the best possible ways to incorporate them in their teaching. Conotton Valley recognizes students learn differently than they did in years past, and we have embraced that by changing our instructional practices to those benefitting a 21st century learner.

We are eager to work with your children and would certainly welcome any new students to Conotton Valley for the 2015-16 school year. Thank you, and Go Rockets!

-Jerry T. Herman, Superintendent of Schools

Minerva Local Schools

Welcome to Lion country! Minerva has an excellent tradition in academics as well as athletics. Minerva Local Schools was recently awarded a Straight-A-Grant from the state of Ohio demonstrating innovation in technology in education as a member of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Consortium. This grant will give Minerva the opportunity to enhance its curriculum by providing state of the art technology that allows our teachers to provide individualized instruction in 21st Century Model Classrooms. Other exciting initiatives include Project Lead the Way, College Credit Plus, and the development of partnerships with local businesses. Our motto at Minerva is "Every Child, Every Minute, Every Day!" Please visit our website at

Carrollton Exempted School District

Change Carrollton section: Carrollton Schools are committed to collaborating with families, community members, business leaders, and institutes of higher education to pursue excellence through high quality instruction to enrich all students’ academic growth. Our students succeed in the classroom and are well prepared entering higher education and the workforce. Our teachers spend a great amount of time in and out of the classroom researching and implementing best teaching practices and research-based strategies. Our parents offer tremendous support to their students and to the schools where they attend, bolstering the performance of their children. Lastly, our administration and staff lead our programs and processes to a higher level of achievement and growth.

The Carrollton Exempted Village School District (CEVSD) is a recipient of two Straight A grants from Governor Kasich’s Office. In the first round, there were 570 applications representing approximately 720 organizations. CEVSD was one of 24 grant recipients in the first round, receiving $4.06 million dollars for the Providing Opportunities With Extraordinary Results (POWER) initiative. Grant monies were used to build a 5,000 square ft. training center, outdoor learning center, and construct a Compressed Natural Gas station. In addition, the District purchased a greenhouse, converted buses to CNG, and implemented a project-based curriculum focusing on STEM. The POWER initiative aims to leverage partnerships and resources in the Carroll County energy and agricultural sectors to improve opportunities for students.

In round two, CEVSD received $630,000 for the Young Entrepreneurs Classroom initiative. The goal of this grant is to increase student achievement by building an education-to-employment model, impacting grades 6–14, exposing students to various business and technical pathways, work-based learning experiences, and leverage project-based learning that can prepare them to compete in the 21st century global economy. As part of this strategy, the District formed over 60 new business partnerships. The District purchased over 800 technology devices and hands-on equipment and software that is standard in today’s industries.