Diversified Concrete and Builders Supply Opens

October 08, 2015

Carroll County native, Liz Chapell, has opened Diversified Concrete and Builders Supply to serve local agricultural and other businesses as well as homeowners with building know-how. 

Liz's husband Chris is the third generation to own the Chapell & Zimmerman concrete plant in Salem. Chris began working at the plant for his Grandfather as a young boy.

"We're the third generation born and raise in the business. Our family has been in business for 65 years up in Salem," Chris said. "Through the oil and gas boom we've tried to come down here more and more. I know a lot of people just from being around here." 

Through visiting the area, near Liz's childhood home, they recognized a need for locally sourced concrete delivered to their job sites. Concrete is a perishable substance. The Chapell's realized their Salem plant could not provide product to local builders and decided to establish a plant that could.

"It is really a pleasant surprise to be back in my hometown," Liz said. "It's heartening that God would have me here of all places in the world."

Located near Dellroy at 3037 Burrow Road SW, Diversified Concrete is a six-acre facility capable of batching 90 yards of concrete, representing nine trucks of concrete per hour. The Chapell's will start with a fleet of four concrete trucks and plan to increase the size of their delivery fleet next year. The Chapell's have had a great response to the new business and look forward to growing in the future. 

Diversified Concrete offers Ready-Mix concrete, masonry supplies, sealers and coatings, colors and toppings. They describe their product line as "anything to get you from the footer to the first floor". 

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